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Our legal services:  Tax Law, Wills and Trusts, Successions, Estate Tax Planning, Louisiana Inheritance and Forced Heirship, Community Property, starting a new business, forming new LLC (limited liability company), Corporation or Partnership, Representation before the IRS in Audits, Appeals and IRS collection actions, IRS lien and levy actions, Offers in compromise, Business Law, Commercial Litigation, business contracts, real estate transfers, leases and mortgages, marriage contracts or prenuptial agreements...

Locations Serviced:  Throughout Southeast Louisiana. In addition to our Madisonville, Louisiana office, an office is maintained near Ponchatoula Louisiana.  Our lawyers serve Hammond, Amite, Baton Rouge, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Bogalusa, New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Walker and most of this southeast Louisiana region.

Always seek the advice of a tax attorney, CPA, tax lawyer or other attorney competent in these matters. Call if you need a Covington Lawyer, Mandeville Lawyer, Ponchatoula lawyer, Hammond lawyer or Madisonville lawyer.

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  A. David Aymond, Attorney at Law, LL.M. in Taxation        
209 Highway 22, Ste. G, Madisonville, Louisiana (985) 845-3414            27455 Hwy. 22, Ponchatoula, Louisiana (985) 845-3414

A. David Aymond, L.L.C., Attorney at Law, LL.M. in Taxation

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After submitting the contact information, you will be contacted within 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends.   You may also choose to call David Aymond at his office at 985-845-3414. if you prefer to leave a message. If you are comfortable doing so, please leave general information concerning the nature of your call or service needed e.g. Estate Planning, form an LLC, start a new business, IRS Collection or IRS Audit matter, Louisiana Wills and Trusts, lien or levy issues, general business law issue, business litigation, medicaid planning, living trust, probate, inheritance rights, business or real estate contracts etc. No response will be made to emails if insufficient information is provided. NO SOLICITATIONS.                           

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